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What is the Creighton Model System?

A natural and empowering approach to your fertility!

Creighton Model System (CrMS) is a standardized natural family planning method that offers a reliable understanding of your fertility. Paired with NaProTechology, CrMS can offer insight to infertility and lead to diagnosis and treatment of PCOS, PMDD, endometriosis, and other gynecological disorders.

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Our Practitioners

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Lara Haas started her journey with the Creighton Model System 2016. Lara has been a FertilityCare Practitioner since 2021. Lara is passionate about meeting her clients were they are on their journey and helping them embrace their fertility and learn from their bodies. Lara and her husband Kevin have six children and live in Hallettsville, TX. Lara is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, a committed community servant, and a fierce lover of friends and that's just the beginning. You are going to love Lara's spirit!

Lara Haas

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Ashley Rodriguez started her journey with the Creighton Model System in 2018. Ashley has been a FertilityCare Practitioner since 2021. Ashley is dedicated to empowering her clients to appreciate their fertility and find joy on their journey. Ashley and her husband Jon Eric have two babies and live in Cuero, TX. As an Occupational Therapist, Ashley is a health educator and a lover of truth. She has experienced the beauty and benefits of using the Creighton Model System and she is excited to join you on your journey.

Ashley Rodriguez

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